KIPA is a non-profit organisation initially set up by Keswick Island residents after the Grantham floods in 2011, with the first project being raising funds and offering our residences to flood victims that needed a break from their disaster cleanup. We liaised with the head-lessee KDPL to organise community clean-up days and made a start to KIPA park near the Keswick Island Guest House. KIPA’s aim is to work towards the betterment of Keswick Island as a whole.

Our charter objective that was ratified on 21 January 2011 is to:

1. Encourage a strong community spirit on Keswick Island.

2. Enhance liveability on Keswick Island.

3. Protect the Keswick environment & its surroundings.

4. Engage in a mutually beneficial working relationship with the Head-Lessee.

Keswick Island residents & visitors on the Canoodling day held in November 2013

Now that Keswick Island is currently going through a sale to a new head lease holder, KIPA is reaching out to the rest of the sub-lessees that don’t reside on the island. Together we can progress towards a better future for all on Keswick.

If you are a Keswick Island lot owner sub-lessee that would like to join our private community, please click this link to signup.